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One of the most neglected aspects of fly fishing is accuracy. For the majority of us we begin with the goal of just making a good cast then go head long into the mission for more distance; but in truth control and accuracy will put equally as numerous fish on the end of the line as making a 90 foot cast. In fly casting there are a number of variances in style to include how we stand and how we hold the rod that can significantly impact accuracy. I would recommend that you deal with the styles that you are most comfortable with but at the same time realize that different styles will give you advantages under different situations.

Let's start with stance; if I were aiming to make a long distance cast I would typically open up my feet allowing my left foot (I am a best handed caster) to be positioned forward of my shoulders and my best foot back, this would allow me to make the longest stroke of the rod on the forward and back cast. In contrast, if I were trying to make extremely accurate casts I would square my feet up directly under my shoulders or perhaps allow my best foot to lead slightly to the target. This would allow me to sweep the fly rod directly overhead and down my view towards the target thus giving me enhanced accuracy.

Furthermore, how you hold the rod can also be varied to enhance accuracy. The most effective two grips for accuracy casts would be to hold the rod with either the thumb on top of the rod or the forefinger on top of the rod. The forefinger grip is slightly more accurate but in a lot of cases more fatiguing. From a fishing stand point the advantages of being an accurate caster are apparent, but while practicing you not only intend to deal with casting to targets but also casting in front of and beyond your targets to imitate leading a fish.

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Now, fishing off the back of a jet ski is certainly not optimal. I will tell you it is probably one of my favorite memories of fishing. We recently acquired a pair of jet skis about 3 years ago and they are a blast! One was a two seater and the other was a one seater. My pal and I took these things around the lake in Canada one summer.

One fun thing to do with them is taking them out on the lake when it is really choppy and windy since then you can go flying off, or get splashed with extremely a bit of water. Well, when my father was out on the lake with the boat, my pal and I were dying to get out and go fishing in our "honey hole" (spot where we understood we would catch fish) so we might have ourselves a fish fry. We chose the only way to do this was to get on the two seater water craft with our poles in hand and catch ourselves some dinner.

We were overjoyed! I threw it in the front compartment of the jet ski and we took it the home of fry it up. It was such a fun and funny experience, trying to cast and keep our balance while the two of us rested on a little water craft but it was certainly a memory I will never forget.