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Crappie is the second most prominent freshwater game fish in the United States behind largemouth bass. (And also that they taste outstanding when come by batter, tossed in cornmeal and also lightly fried.) While there is no doubt that folks enjoy this tasty catch, there are very important variables had to be thought about when you are aiming to equip your pond with them.

White crappie has an extremely high procreative capability and also could overpopulate in a physical body of water that is not large enough to support their numbers. While there is absolutely nothing incorrect with them, they are not relied on in pond equipping or increased commercially.

It is up to you to establish what your goals are for your pool. If you intend to include crappie to your small pool to give exceptional table fair, a neighborhood biologist can assist you assess your situation and also figure out the most effective stocking prepare for your needs.

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• The knot must always be dampened before tightening it, as or else the knots might have just half the breaking strength.

• Constantly tighten up with a pull or a jerk or with one particular end to begin with.

• Use the knot just for its specific purpose.