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There are a number of basic ice fishing safety guidelines. These include having a buddy, using a life jacket, lugging a pick, having rope, checking the ice, and rationalizing possible emergencies and plans of action.

When it concerns snow, and freshly fallen snow, you have to beware. Conditions may have changed because your last fishing expedition. The freshly fallen snow may be hiding thin patches of ice. Also, snow piled on ice may inhibit it from freezing, thus presenting danger. Areas that may have collapsed, as discussed previously, may end up being covered over by new snow and their danger will not be apparent.

When you are planning an ice fishing expedition, one of the most effective ways to enhance your understanding so as to have a safe experience is to view local weather reports and fishing warnings. Also, speak with those who are familiar with the town. They will be more knowledgeable about local dangers and can alarm you to precautionary steps you ought to take.

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Some of the smaller rivers and tributaries of the main rivers can create annual salmon catches practically like some of the top beats of the big four so for any type of anglers who choose to fish on a smaller river this need not be a compromise in the quality of fishing albeit the majority of the smaller rivers are spate rivers and do need a certain amount of rainfall to allow the salmon to move up river.

Although there is no national rod licence required to fish in Scotland as there is in England you do need a permit to fish for salmon. Permits are issued every day by the individual beat owners and are bookable ahead of time. All beats issue a maximum number of daily permits which is often restricted to 6 or 8 depending on the size of the beat. Permit prices vary very considerably depending on the river, quality of the beat and the time of year. For the first six or seven months of the season permits can be from as little as ₤ 20.00 every day as much as ₤ 75.00 every day. The main salmon runs typically start in early August and last throughout to the end of the season in October so permit prices start to rise very considerably from August onwards.

The River Dee is 85 miles long and runs east from the source at the Wells of Dee spring (at 4000 ft) on the side of Braeriach in the Cairngorm Mountains. The Dee runs past Braemar, Balmoral, Ballater, Aboyne and Banchory before joining the sea at Aberdeen. Unlike the Spey which has peat coloured waters the Dee has amazing clear water despite being bordered by peat hills on its course. Even after a solid spate the waters clear remarkably rapidly.