Penn 113h

Channel catfish have very sensitive senses of taste and smell. Furthermore, their taste buds are distributed all over their bodies, particularly on the whiskers surrounding the mouth. These senses of taste and smell allow catfish to find food in muddy waters. Their whiskers are called feelers or barbels.

Due to its sensitivity to taste, it can taste amino acids all over its body. Thus, it goes by the nickname of "swimming tongue". Amino acids signal the presence of food. Due to this ability to sense food with its body, the fish does not depend on visual sight for food. It can inhabit muddy waters and still recognize food through these chemical clues.

Males and females seek out hidden places for breeding. They look for well hidden places such as hollow logs, rock ledges, and undercut banks where the female deposits the eggs. The male guards the eggs, and also fans the eggs with its tail to increase the oxygen. These eggs hatch in a matter of six to ten days. Smaller catfish are mostly bottom feeders, eating insect larvae and snails. As they grow larger, they eat a wider variety of food.

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Could fly fishing be considered a mental illness? For those of you who don't have the time or the patience to read this entire article I'll just go ahead and give it away: yes, it is. Now, you important, busy people of the fishing world can be on your way. For the rest of you who don't mind being slightly challenged (or possibly a little offended) I'll press on. Maybe with enough effort, I can explain my logic such that you won't find me imbecilic.

Well, whatever the case, I think we have barely scraped the surface of the potential analysis that can be conducted on this illness. We haven't even begun to speak about the costs of gear (and how quick we are to spend it), the willingness to wake up earlier to fish (and spent money) but not to go to work (and make money) or the insane amount of time we spend up to our waists in freezing cold water searching for that elusive fish that a lot of us have no intentions of ever keeping!

Well, I guess that as I struggle through this illness (without hopes of medical assistance) I will spend my life among good company, in beautiful places, and expand my knowledge and love of all that surrounds me.