Shimano Metanium 2013

"If you want fishing experience that you will live to bear in mind then all you need is a kayak." Those were words that an old pal once told me and they are probably the most truthful words I have ever heard. A few years after hearing these words I went ahead and purchased myself a Kayak for fishing and because then I have never gone fishing on any type of other vessel.

If you plan to fish somewhere where the water is choppy avoid purchasing a light kayak because it will not serve you well. If you are fishing in a swamp or pond then a small and light kayak will do just fine. Location of the fishing spot is also essential since if it is far you will have to carry the kayak by vehicle therefore you ought to purchase one which you will be able to transport.

Select a propulsion system that you will be most comfortable with so that your fishing will be pleasurable. You can select between pedal, paddle or perhaps a motorized kayak if you don't like rowing. A paddle is the most popular, and least expensive and it will give you a true kayak experience.

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For the newbie fisherman, there are lots of things to learn and consider before going on that first fishing venture. As to where to fish, that's no worry. There are lots of lakes and rivers throughout the country. If you don't live near public waters, you can go to some, or maybe you or somebody you know owns a private lake with private fishing. Plus, there are lots of fish throughout the country: catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, stripers, crappie, walleyes and more, depending on your geographical location. However, fishing is more than just getting a rod and some bait. For the new fishermen, there are suggestions to know, things to think about, and valuable items to take with you.

Just throwing away a hook with some bait won't cut it. You have to know the practices of the fish you are seeking. Where do they forage for food? What time of day? What temperature water do they choose? What is the depth of the lake you are fishing? Contour maps are available that can help you know how deep different parts of the lake are. Certain fish gather at certain depths each season of the year. Numerous feed at dawn and dusk. Certainly, if you have access to an old-timer in the region, they know these things by experience and maybe they will share some secrets.

As for bait, again it depends on what you are fishing. There is live bait, such as worms. There are lures. With lures, there is a learning curve. A fishing lure that is too shiny may reflect the sun and blind the fish. A matted metal finish is better as it avoids reflection. If you have the chance to talk with local fishermen, they can give suggestions about local fishing. Or, there may be local fishing reports on the local news. There is nothing like a local fisherman who is able to take you to some of the most effective fishing areas, if he wants. Certainly, he may intend to keep those secrets to himself.