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Captain Jimmie Albright, among one of the most kept in mind anglers, was likewise a pioneer as well as innovator of fly-fishing methods. His passion and also know-how of the waters in and also around the Florida Keys, where he spent a lot of component of his semi-retired life angling and angling, was astounding and also made him an unofficial master to a few of the well known fishermens of his time, some of them stars in their very own right - writers, authors, stars and singers.

The Albright Knot that he created has now become a conventional knot-tying method among salt water fishermens; these consist of those unique teams of angling specialists that seek and also covet International Game-Fish Organization line-class documents.

Due to its versatility, the Albright has a variety of uses. Relatively very easy to connect, it is normally used to link 2 angling lines of different kinds for e.g. a braided line to a wire or a monofilament to a pigtail. It is likewise extremely valuable for signing up with 2 fishing lines with noticeably different diameters; fishermens frequently use this knot to sign up with the fly line with the support line.

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• Palomar

• Scaffold

• Unlike a few other knots which fail if tightened incorrectly, the Uni-Knot has a greater than 95 % success price and is quite trusted