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Crappie are a freshwater fish, a member of the sunfish location. They are a popular game fish; the meat has a wonderful preference as well as flakey white texture. They also go by the name of speckled bass, speckled perch, calico bass, white perch, paper-mouth and also sac-a-lait. There are 2 kinds of crappie, white crappie and also black crappie. The main difference is the number of spines as well as the coloring.

Crappie feed upon smaller species. This can include youthful of their predators. Their diet regimens additionally consist of pests, crustaceans, as well as zooplankton. The more youthful fish eat tiny prey. When older, they eat bugs, fish fingerlings, and minnows of other types. Throughout the day, they favor to remain in deep water. When crappie rest, they have the tendency to face the very same instructions. When they start to face various directions, it is a sign that the period of remainder has ended. Crappies are more active to feed around dawn as well as dusk, and also they move closer to shore while feeding.

Crappie fishing is quite prominent. Not simply are they fished for in the summertime, some are also drawned from lakes in winter months via ice fishing. The fish do not hibernate, so they are preferred for ice fishing.