Varivas Line

Crappie is the 2nd most prominent freshwater game fish in the United States behind largemouth bass. (In addition to that they taste impressive when lost in battery, tossed in cornmeal and lightly fried.) While there is no concern that patient appreciate this delicious catch, there are essential variables had to be taken note of when you are aiming to stock your pond with them.

Black crappie are used solely for equipping in smaller sized lakes or pools, over 2 acres, as they are much less respected compared to the white crappie, however still have excellent reproductive potential. That being said they too should be collected rather heavily to maintain from overpopulating. Gathering gives the other fish room to become good slabs for the supper table.

It is up to you to establish what your objectives are for your pond. If you intend to bring in crappie to your little pool to provide excellent table fair, a regional biologist could aid you analyze your situation as well as establish the very best stocking strategy for your needs.

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2. The line is held between the thumb and hands. A straightforward overhand knot is then developed.

2. The line is travelled through the eye of the hook for 2 times.

4. Tighten up the knot till it becomes steady. Cut the double loop of the braided line leaving around 1/4 inch.