St Croix Avid Spinning

We had chosen to fish best where the Everglades started by Naples, Florida. And I wish to tell you something ... when I say dark, it was completely dark, no lights of any type of kind except our headlights, that was it. We had the radio blasting then tried to discuss the radio. I never heard T's radio so loud before, maybe it was so loud to aid T to stay awake. I really have no idea the reason for it to be blasting the way it was doing.

We had a several miles to precede we got to our launch spot so we were hearing the music and discussing it. We had to do with 3/4 of the way there and T says" I think we have a cop coming up on us". I looked out the back window and there was a vehicle flashing his headlights as fast as he might behind us. You have to realize we were in the Everglades on an extremely dark road and we had been the only vehicle on the road for miles. Now we have a vehicle flashing his headlights behind us, do we stop or keep going?

Apparently, when we were driving, the boat fell off and we didn't even hear it since the radio volume was so high. We didn't hear a sound. We thanked the man and was off to find the boat. Certainly, we drove about 5 miles back and there was our boat right in the middle of the road. The front of the boat had a little hole in it where it hit the road but besides that, the boat was in good shape. The bad part was ... no fishing for us today. The man who told us the boat had fallen off stopped and asked if we needed any type of help. The 3 of us connected the boat and wrenched it, pushed it and did everything we might to get the boat back on the trailer. We finally got the boat on the trailer and was heading home. We got home and started dealing with repairing the hole in the boat.

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You'll also would like to know the amount of hours are on the motor. While many older models don't store this kind of information, newer ones will. Either the dealer or a mechanic ought to be able to tell you. Get as much information as you can concerning when the vessel was serviced last, who did the service, and when the last time the wheel bearings were either re-packed or examined. Naturally, you'll also have to learn what kind of work has been done on the engine and who did it.

Be prepared to take an hour or more for this test. Observe everything you can and take photos of the electronics and different components so you'll have a simpler time making your final option. If you're still interested after taking it out on the lake, have a licensed marine mechanic carry out a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation will include a compression check, a leak down test, a much lower unit check and more. Every single part has to be thoroughly examined to ensure there aren't any type of problems. If the model doesn't pass, utilize that information to either negotiate a much lower price or proceed to something else.

Finding good bass boats available for sale in your area doesn't have to be challenging. Once you have picked the one you want and are completely confident you're getting a bargain, make an offer. Then go out and have some fun.